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Ricerca e sviluppo - Research and Development

Ricerca e sviluppo - Research and Development

The SIWF aims to ensure that doctors receive high-quality training that is geared to the needs of the population, now and in the future. Our research investigates how to effectively implement and conduct training and includes the players involved, in particular the trainees and training centres, aiming to provide optimum support for their tasks. For our research projects we cooperate with Swiss and international researchers at different institutions.

La ISFM cerca di coinvolgere nelle sue attività tutte le regioni linguistiche della Svizzera.  Poiché i contatti internazionali sono importanti anche per i nostri progetti di ricerca e gli argomenti di ricerca sono discussi principalmente in inglese, questo sito web è disponibile solo in inglese.  

Our current projects mainly focus on competency based medical education (CBME) including the use of entrustable professional activities (EPAs). For publications on these topics (by the SWIF or others) see Articoli scientifici, for our projects see Progetti ISFM.

If you have further questions on our research or are interested in collaborating on our projects, we are happy to hear from you. We also offer projects which are suitable to obtain a doctorate from the Medical Faculty University of Bern Studies: Dr. med./dent. - Faculty of Medicine (

Please find further information on our current main research projects hereinafter:


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